General Questions:

Do you offer dial-up Internet access?
No, you will need local Internet access in order to maintain your website and retrieve e-mail addressed to your site.

Whom can I contact by phone or e-mail if further questions come up?
The easiest is to respond to our address: or you can Fax us at our international support: +1-509-7562606.

Do you have a database system?
We use MySQL. We have found that our members prefer MySQL because it is a relatively easy-to-use database program. Visit for more information.

Do you use Netscape's SSL technology?
We use Apache-SSL which is several times more secure than Netscape SSL.

Can I run two cron tasks to update pages daily?

I would like to know if you support VRML 1.0 and 2.0 mime types wrl and mus?
We support these. You can set your own mime types with your .htaccess file. Go through your Domain Manager.

Does each virtual server have its own raw log files?
Yes. You have your own raw log files.

Can we set up password protected areas with htaccess?
Yes you can.

Which languages are supported in CGI (e.g. Bourne shell, Perl, Java)?
Bourne, Shell, and Perl are all supported and available. We do not offer Java support at this time.

What version of Perl does Apextechno use?

Do you provide a CGI-BIN personal directory?
Yes, a CGI-BIN is provided.

Does Xentopia/Apex offer SSI?
SSI is on all of our servers. You just need to be sure that you call your files with the .shtml extension.

What cgi scripts are preinstalled?, and count.cgi

What is CGI access?
CGI scripts (Common Gateway interface) are used to provide things like counters, form responses, guest books, and many other things. Apextechno gives you full CGI access for no extra charge! You can write your own scripts, install someone else's, or use one of our preinstalled CGI scripts.

Do Apextechno servers support IMAP?
Our servers are not configured to be able to support IMAP. IMAP is possible, however, for only the main username of the account. We cannot provide any support other than turning on your access to IMAP. If you would like this, please let us know where you connect from and we will make an ftp connection to the server. We have to open a
port for the location/s that you can connect to the server from.

My site is not working??????
Check the www directory in the file manager and see if the index page is named index.htm. It should be index.html.

Can I pay with credit card or do I need to issue a check/Draft?
At present we donot accept credit cards but you can pay by check/Draft on annual basis. If you are an Increment Reseller you must pay by Draft/Cheque in a Quarterly billing cycle. If you need to pay by check/Draft please send them to

When you say annually, do you mean pay you all the money up front, or pay monthly for one year?
You must pay the full year at once.

What does it cost to transfer a the domain name (with you, with Network Solutions)?
There is no fee for transferring your domain to Blue Moon from us or Network Solutions.

Do you charge additional fees for using the mySQL database?

What is a virtual domain?
A Virtual Domain means having your own domain ( without having to install expensive server hardware and software. With a Virtual Domain, you utilize our server's storage space, however, you are still professionally represented via your own personal Internet web address domain name ( and by your own personal e-mail address domain name (

Can I access my domain address with or without the "www"?
Yes, you will be able to access the domain address with or without the "www" in front of the domain name.

What steps do I need to take to set-up a virtual domain at Xentopia Networks Inc. (An Apex Techno Company)?
For registering your domain
click here.

What is the time needed to make space on your server available?
Space will be made available the same business day! Once an account is set-up an activation notice will be sent to you via e-mail including your user-ID, password, and your IP address.

Does Xentopia Networks Inc. (An Apex Techno Company) support Macintosh systems?
Sure. You can use the Fetch program to transfer files from your MAC to our system. You can also use the POP e-mail programs like Eudora, Claris E-mail and Netscape Mail.

Is a shell account included?
No, please ask.

Do you host foreign domains?
Yes we host all types of domains foreign and domestic.

Can I resell my space to have subdomains?
Yes, only if you have paid for it.

How much is extra bandwidth and/or storage space?
It is Rs.5 per MB per month with a limit of 10 gig total.

Can I pay extra to have shopping cart ?
No, our shopping cart comes along with the webspace for only 20 Mb & above packages.

Do you have installed and useable ?

What programs can be used to access e-mail?
All POP clients can be used: pine, elm, Netscape mail, Outlook, etc. You can use any program which downloads the files from our server onto your computer. You can use mail user agents which run on our servers (such as pine), with a special configuration. You cannot use IMAP programs.

What is an email alias and is it unlimited?
An e-mail alias means if you send mail to, that address is aliased to whomever needs to receive it. It can be one person or multiple people, however you need it structured. It is unlimited--get as many as you need for no extra charge!

Is there a limit to how many email accounts can be forwarded?
The only limit is the quantity of email accounts your current plan has prorata to webspace.

What is Web Mail?
Our web mail is a web based system that performs the functions of a mail client. Once installed you can send, receive, and view all the mail from your domain's account from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection. After installed, web mail is at I.E if your domain name is your web mail will be located at

May I promote my web site with bulk email?
Spamming is in violation of our service agreement. There are legal and ethical issues involved in mass mailing of unsolicited email. Any user of our services who has sent a large number of unsolicited email will have their account closed within 24 hours.

How can I manage my e-mail users (add/remove/update)?
To add or delete POP boxes, use Control Panel You can redirect mail by editing the address, un-forwarding to the POP box (which deletes it if that's the only reference to it) and forwarding to whatever email address you desire.

Do you have sendmail installed?

Do you have to have a domain name to sign up for a hosting plan?
Yes, all customers must have a domain name to get an account. You can register one with us.

Do you have FTP and FTP Anonymous access?
Yes, we provide both FTP and FTP Anonymous access with specific plans.

Do you have a limit on the FTP transfer?
No. There is no limit. You can update your pages an unlimited amount of times, at any time you wish.

Are your virtual servers able to work with old and text-mode browsers?
Our servers will work with text-mode browsers like Lynx because they are truly virtual--you get your very own IP address on the web server.

What kind of uptime do your servers have?
Our NOC has a 99.5% uptime rating. Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What web server do your servers run?

What are your server types?
We use GNU-Linux.

Can I run cgi scripts outside your CGI-BIN directory?
No, cgi scripts must be kept in the cgi-bin directory.

Do you support Java servlets (JSP)?

Do you support Cold Fusion?

Do you support Active Data Objects (ADO)?

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an alias of an IP number address. When one signs up to put a Web site on the Internet, he is given an Internet Protocol Number, or address. All the computers on the Internet can retrieve that site by pulling up that IP address. A domain name will allow you to have a World Wide Web address like instead of having only a number such as as it is difficult to remember an IP address whereas if I say a name which is aliased to that IP address it is far more convenient to remember than the numerical term.

How do I choose a domain name for my Web site?

You want to select a name that will be easy for your customers or potential customers to remember. The obvious choice would be to use your business name, such as But if your company is named "MY COMPANY NAME", you might want to try abbreviating the domain name for simplicity - such as As you register a domain name and host a website related to your works it become your complete identity, So you may want to be creative and decide on a name that is associated with your company. For instance, if The XYZ Company sells CLOTHES, then you should look out for "" or "" or ""

What characters may I use in my domain name?

Your domain name can be as long as 67 characters. The domain must consist only of letters, numbers and dashes(-). The www is not part of the actual domain name and is just a standard web prefix.

What extension can I have on the end of my Domain Name?

Here below are the most commonly used extensions for global identity, Apart from that mode defined extensions are available wither on country level basis or global basis for specific nature of work, these may have some criteria to qualify.
COM - is for commercial, for-profit organizations
NET - is for network infrastructure machines and organizations
ORG - is for miscellaneous usually non-profit organizations
What if the domain name I want is already taken?
If the name you would like has already been registered by another company, you will want to be creative and decide on a name that is associated with your company. For instance, if The XYZ Company sells CLOTHES, then you may want to try ; etc.

How many domain names may I have?

You can have as many as you want. There is no restriction on that as there are many customers with us who have more than 50 domains in their name.

For how many number of years a domain can be booked?

You can book a domain for 1 year to maximum 10 years in one go.

How much does it cost to own a domain name?

Different Registrar may have different pricing. We register domains for Rs.890 per year. No third party will bill you for the domain name except us. To clarify and assure you further their will be only one bill for Rs.699 per year that too raised by us and nothing else ( There are no hidden charges for the same.) 

What is InterNIC, I have heard about it?
InterNIC was the agency which was the sole authority for registration of domain names ending with .com, .net, .org, .edu, .mil, and .gov. Now Apart from InterNIC more registrars have been authorised to register domains ending with .com, .net, .org, now the monopoly of Internic is no more and there has been a lot of competition among different registrar. InterNIC used to charge US$70 for 2 yrs. Domain Registeration Services whereas different registrar have different pricing. We have an extremely economical charge of Rs.490 per year.

Who will bill me?
Surely we. If we register we are the one to bill you and you have to make payment to us only. Please beware from some agents who bills you and same time you get the bill from InterNIC, they may put you in trouble.

What is the detailed procedure for registering a new domain name?

Visit our website check the domain name you want to register, if the domain name is available you can fill up our form by
clicking here ,with all your details and within couple of hours we will register the name for you provided the charges for the same are with us send in the form of Cash/Bank Draft/Cheque., If you simply want to park it for future use, you should specify the same, The form need to have the payment information, you should fill the payment details to apply for the registration.

Whom and How to make payments?

Payment Options

Cheques are accepted on subject to their  encashment, It may delay your registration process until realization.

How long does it take for a new Domain Name to register?

Registering a domain, It takes us five minutes to register it on your name, However it may take 24-72 hrs. for available it under WHOIS server.

Who owns the Domain Name we register?

You become the owner of the domain name after we register. You are the Registrant, Administrative and Billing Contact. We are listed as the Technical Contact on the domain if you choose to do so or otherwise you can keep that contact with yourself too.

How long does it take for me to see a new domain name?

Within minutes of booking, the domain name will be showed not available at website, but the database showing that your domain name is registered in your name is updated within next 24-48 hours of the same which can be checked at If you buy web space from us we can allot you the IP address there and than within 10 minutes and you can start uploading the site, whereas this IP address will be aliased to the domain name in couple of hours.

Can I change my domain name?

No. once a domain name is registered it can not be changed or altered, the only way out is to buy a new name.